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Do you not care? Lord you are asleep!! Do you not care that I am perishing? The existential question. It is masked by fancy parades. It accentuates people’s pain. It presents as hardness, aggression, stoic strength, anxiety…but our souls are laid bare in this one question. Do you not care?

Three words is all it took him. Three words that handle that question with great patience, yet powerful authority. “Quiet! Be still!” Does he care? He exceeds expectations. He not only cares, but has the power to calm the storm that reminds us of immortality. He is the only one who has the power over immortality. He doesn’t only care that we are perishing, but his care led him to perish in our place.

He turns the existential question on its head by asking his own. “Why are you still afraid? Do you still have no faith?” My fear of perishing is bound up with my answer to this question. If I am in the presence of the Lord, if he is in my boat, why do I still fear the storm? If Jesus sleeps in the stern, why do I not sleep with him? My mind is so alert to the dangers around me that I forget whose presence I am in. My mind is busy preempting scenarios, planning escape routes, fearful of the waves that scream so loudly.

But my hope is in something that screams louder. The silent Saviour asleep in the stern. Not a sleep that is disinterested, unconcerned and powerless. But a sleep that is screaming of his utter sovereignty, his ever near presence, his identity as Lord.

Their focus has now been shifted onto the one whose presence they are in. He calmed the storm with his word. Their vision now beholds him. They are no longer terrified of the power of the storm. They are now terrified of the One who is more powerful than the storm! There is one thing left to ask…the question of all questions. “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

O my Lord. Why am I still afraid? Do I still have no faith? Help me remember who you are. Help me to remember what you did on that rugged cross. Help me to sleep in the stern even as the storm rages.

Why? The words lay on the centurion’s lips: “truly you are the Son of God”.

Yes, I will sleep in the stern.


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