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My dear foot

As I look down the barrel of a new year, there are two ways I could place you my dear foot, as you step. The first is by way of confident independence. The confidence of this step would be in reflection upon your past successes. Victories won. Trials endured. This step would be clothed in the royal purple robes of self assurance, crowned with positive thinking, presumed upon dreams, and holding a sceptre of control. It would be founded upon empty promises, false confidences and paper thin resolve. You see my dear foot, to take a step like this is to fall for the illusion of independence. The illusion of control. Let me show you a more excellent way.

The second way to tread would be in utter dependence. Not by way of choice but as a realisation of reality. Dependence is not merely a chosen path but the truth. All else is deception. The confidence of this step would be in reflection upon Another’s faithfulness…yet again. Another’s strength….in my weakness. Another’s sustaining. This step would be clothed in the royal blood-red robes of humility, crowned with obedience, embodied sacrificial love, yet holding a sceptre of true sovereignty. This step is not your own dear foot, but the following of Another’s. A path already walked. A path walked in the softest gold perfection. You, my foot, must continue to follow. This step is founded upon faithful promises of never being forsaken, confidence in an eternal hope, and the resolve of which led Him to the cross.
This is the only way to face an unknown forest of trees. The only way to walk in a manner of not fearing the worst. On this path, all goodness and beauty turns to praise of the One leading, and all trial and heart ache a chance to know true sustaining grace.
Lord Jesus, You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life and no-one comes to the Father except by You. This new year, may Your word continue to be a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

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