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I tied myself in a knot playing the omniscient one. A scheme of the enemy….he folded my thoughts in on themselves as they launched into territory they aren’t made to be in. Thoughts mustn’t be anxiously active where their body hasn’t taken them. Or in time that the Lord has not yet given.

And so I remember a powerful word.


Lord today I need to remember the Gospel…for today my heart will forget what my head knows. Lord today I need strength to obey you…for today I will be tempted to live my own way. Lord today I need to find contentment in you…because today I will seek it in other things. Lord today I need the humility of Christ, because today I will be tempted to be proud. Lord today I need to know my identity in you, for today I will feel insecure.

Lord today I need your wisdom to make decisions for tomorrow, for only you know the future. And today I need to commit all those plans to you and go on focussing on today for this is where you have me.

Your mercies are new each morning.

I need your daily bread.

Help me be all in today.


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