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Dear Father,

Forgive me. Thank you for your patience. I want to begin an adventure with you. An adventure that wrestles with and understands the truest way to experience You. The deepest and most intimate way to know You.

In an attempt to become more “grounded” in your Word…In an attempt to be on the same page theologically with those around me, I threw the baby out with the bath water. I became skeptical of my emotions, my feelings, experiences and also of how your Spirit works.

I began this journey of “truth seeking” with the glorious Jesus in my vision. But before long found myself just trying to please man. The irony is that in an attempt to be a “word-based” Christian I actually stopped trusting in Your Word.

I affirmed it with my lips…searching for others to approve of my “doctrine” but my heart was cold.

It was “theology-out-there”. Cold. Distant. Separate.

LORD this is the greatest of mistakes. I cared more about “mastering my theology than being mastered by Jesus” (Josh Harris).

To trust Your word, to have a faith based on the Word, is not just to defend the faith intellectually…historically. Which thankfully the bible is capable of!!! But it is not ONLY that. What a sad way to reduce the speech of the living God!!

Yes it is those things but it is so much more. To trust in Your Word is to have it quicken my heart beat. To trust Your Word is to believe it is the greatest of treasures and delights.

To be a word-based Christian is to let your word pierce, expose, enlighten, empower. To be driven by Your word is to have my experiences, emotions, feelings, informed by the truest of treasures that far surpass anything originating from my intellect…or from my feelings.

Forgive me for mishandling Your word…not in terms of “exegesis”…not in terms of “preaching prosperity”. No. Something more subtle and damaging.

For seeing it as “theology-out-there”. For seeing it as a ‘form of godliness but denying its power’.

For using it to be affirmed of by man rather than to know and experience You.


Scoop me wholly up into your arms again Lord. May I experience You not just in fragments of my person but TOTALLY. Your Word washing my heart, mind, emotions, walk, speech…everything.

God Your Spirit dwells IN me!! Illuminating you word…guiding me into it’s truth. Pointing me to Jesus. Transforming my mind. Giving me a new heart. It’s not “theology-out-there”.

Because of Christ, I am indwelt by You.

Nothing is more intimate than experiencing You through Jesus, by the Spirit.

Keep teaching me Father.


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