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I was on a mission. Eyes set on a task. I scurried past the cross carrying a heavy load in my arms. Weighed down with all I had to bring to you. All I had to contribute. I began to unload my jewels in what I thought was your presence. Each achievement, each piece of praise, each good deed, kind thought, each ability and gift. I looked at the ground, proud of all I managed to carry! I then lifted my eyes to see your reaction. To hear your approval and acceptance. But I couldn’t see you. There was a crowd of people, a sea of faces, there was my own reflection as in a mirror, but I could not see you.

Slowly I turned, remembering what I ran past on my way, too distracted by a task and a mission that was mine not yours.

I ran past the cross. I slowly walked back. As I beheld its glory in the one who hung upon it, the sea of faces began to disappear. As I saw His face and heard His words, the value I had attached to all I carried I realised was but a dirty rag. As I knelt down, broken at His feet, the weight of this load was lifted. I felt His smile. I heard His words, “the sacrifice of broken and contrite heart I will not despise”. But I realised it wasn’t my sacrifices that were making Him smile. But the Father’s smile was of the Son’s sacrifice. But here, at His feet, the Father was also smiling over me. For here, at His feet, is exactly where He wants me. It is here each of those things I’d carried finds there worth. Not because they earn me anything, but because they find their worth in Christ. They find their worth, when I’m trusting in Him. They didn’t earn me His love. No. They are a RESULT of His love. For he purposes every good deed in advance that we should walk in them. In the same way that He planned that I would be His. Before I did a thing.


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