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Glory Thief

I suddenly see it. In a hidden thought then a spoken word.

I made it about me again. Despite the clarity of Your provision and grace.
I stole it from you. Took it from your very hands despite the knowledge that you are utterly worthy and awesome.
Its satisfaction was only fleeting. Until I realised what I had done.
Yet why am I still clenching so tightly to it? Why is it not easier to relinquish it back to the one to whom it belongs?
For only true satisfaction is found in giving it to you.
Security? Affirmation from people? Identity? Praise?
There it is exposed. The heart of sin. A misplacement of glory.
Dear Lord,
May everything in me desire to bring you glory. To make Jesus more glorious. Every word, action and thought.
The hidden and the visible. Make me aware of the ways that I steal glory from Christ in my heart. Glory that is only His.
Help me to see the seriousness of this transgression. Create in me a clean heart and renew a steadfast Spirit within me.
Help me to clothe myself in humility and to know that apart from you I can do nothing. Remembering that every good deed you have purposed in advance that I should walk in. Taking no credit of my own but worshipping you extravagantly.

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