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Teach me to pray

Lord God, I think if I truly saw You for how big you are, how glorious and mighty, all pretence would shatter at Your feet. All self-sufficiency would run away and hide.

If I just caught but a glimpse of how big you are, just how in control You are, prayer would not be so half hearted. It would be the greatest thing in my day.

Who am I to not pray when it is YOU I am walking with? When it is YOU I call Father? When it is YOU to whom I am reconciled to through Jesus!

Almighty God. May I esteem You above all. Diminish all self-glory, all circumstance, all that captures my heart that is not You…In light of how big You are.

May I see You for who You are…for how you have revealed Yourself in Your Word…not an inadequate, small, self-made image of you.

Cause my serving to be humble. Help me run to You in prayer.

For You want me to!

In utter dependance. For whether I acknowledge it or not, You are completely in control. And I am not.

You weave Your purposes to bring all things together under Christ. You delicately thread every sorrow and every joy to make me see how incredible Jesus is.

1. God is big.

2. I am not in control.

Therefore prayer should be as automatic as breathing.

Not words for words sake. Not religious prayer or a half-hearted religious activity that makes you feel good. But praying to the One True God who who revealed Himself most gloriously in Christ.

I cannot even begin to follow Jesus and love and obey Him with my whole heart without You and the work of Your Spirit. So why do I often act as though I can?

Self sufficiency is such a snare for empty “religion”.

Lord, bring me to my knees again. Teach me to pray.






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Far above all

I was asked this week “How is Jesus any different to anyone else who made claims to be sent from God?”

Unexpectedly my eyes began to well up with tears as I pondered the overwhelming number of things I could possibly say…thinking of all He graciously showed me in my time of desperate searching.

His authority in word and action. His extreme compassion. His divine wisdom. His responses to people and people’s responses to Him. He is surprising. Quietly in control. He has a context, He fulfills scripture so detailed and delicate. He didn’t just claim to be God but demonstrated it. Past affirmed Him and what followed confirmed all He said and did.¬†His steadfast obedience to the Father. His anguish in enduring the cross. He came to die to bear our sin. Absorb God’s judgement. And He rose again. AND not just one of these in isolation BUT all of them together.

Not an abstract idea, not merely a philosopher or teacher, but an ever present reality clearly revealed. Yet not seen by all.

Amongst a few things I managed to ¬†fumble out in response to this question, with each response having much more depth than I conveyed, I said “when I doubted, I could not shake the person of Jesus from my mind”.

Ephesians 1:21 …”far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and above every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the age to come”

Far above all.

For He died. And rose from the dead. Lord and Christ. My God and Saviour.

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