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I stumbled across a Rock. As a fascinated five year old, this Rock became my life. It remained faithfully with me through thick and thin. My pride and joy, my light, it was colour and full of life and truth. I walked every day, holding it in my hand.

Then came a season, many years later, which was rather unexpected. I didn’t lose the Rock, but I could no longer experience the embellishments it brought. I tried to…but it seemed they were gone. Longing for the days when it was my greatest delight. My vision was clouded as I looked upon it. Clouded by confusion, doubt about the authenticity of the experience it brought. But still within me, I knew. I knew. 

The season grew so dark that I knew not what to do. Familiarity was forsaken. An unknown way of relating to what had been my greatest treasure. I inquired of others who also knew. But nothing that was said resinated any deeper than my unsettled mind. But the whole time the Rock, remained in my hand. It didn’t go anywhere. 

Then something strange but beautiful began to unfold. The Rock captivated my gaze again. I stopped searching elsewhere, stopped looking around, and fixed my eyes on it for answers. For I didn’t know anywhere else to turn.

It again proved faithful. Fresh new green sprouts began to blossom around it. Flowers of colour and fragrance. Branches that were strong and mighty. My heart settled. It was quieted. 

The Rock didn’t make me stumble. But rather it was just beginning to take its place. Its rightful position in my life. The centre. The chief corner stone. It knew what it was doing. 

I realised that I never found it. It found me. I realised that it was never my grip that held it, never my good intention that chose it…rather it’s character drew out in me every response I had to it. 

Jesus Christ, my Lord and King.




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