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Dear Lord Jesus,

I really want to encounter You personally again. Whilst realising more and more that You are The Only Way, Truth and Life…such a large scale truth…to not lose sight also of the way You relate to each of Your children individually who have put their faith in You. I want Your name to be ever on my lips with great intimacy and conviction.

Philippians 3:8- Indeed I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.

3:12- “…But I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me His own”

Knowing= intimate.

My Lord= personal.

Made me His own= two way. He drew me to Himself. It’s not a one way, uphill pursuit. He pursued us first. He draws near.

James 4:8- “Draw near to God and He will draw near to You”. Submit. Cleanse.

James 4:5 “He yearns jealously over the Spirit that he had made to dwell in us.”

You yearn jealously for Your children in Christ and the Spirit You have deposited in us cries out “Abba Father”. 

In my pursuit of You I often forget that You have pursued me. 

My efforts to know You therefore aren’t futile or accredited to my own searching, but rather in a response to Your work in me. 

Help met to rest in Your love and grace in Christ. For this is the knowledge that surpasses understanding. This is the knowledge that grips the heart and satisfies the soul.

Humbled by a God that came to us, when we weren’t in a state to come to Him.


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Help me to remember

Am I living as though my life is fully Yours? As though I belong to You? Every moment of every day…future plans and dreams…are You at the centre? Ruling and reigning as King?

Help me to remember and to be deeply convicted that You are alive now. That You have full authority over all of life…now. In the present moment…not just a future truth. Help me to live for Your eyes only. Fully aware of Your active presence, worthiness and majesty. Heart full of adoration and praise. Trusting wholeheartedly. Sharing You. Bearing witness of the truth. Being a light…in word and in deed. 

Help me to remember that my life is not my own.

To not just profess truth with my lips but live it in every moment.

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