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Silent Glories

From one item on my checklist to another…absorbed in the day and the satisfaction of getting things done. From one location to the next…one person to the next…I haven’t run to Him yet. Haven’t spoken to Him yet. Haven’t thanked Him yet. It’s at the back of my mind…I will do that soon. Lost in thought driving and I suddenly escape the current thought as my gaze drifts to the sunset. The clouds thinly swept in colour across the sky. My eyes fill with tears. How could I have come this far in the day and not have adored You? Not have read Your Word or come to You in prayer? Not have asked You for the strength to love Christ with all I have and honour Him with my day? In that sunset..You revealed your existence. Your beauty. Your power. Your strength. Your creativity. Your magnificence. Your worthiness of being praised.

Thank you for drawing my attention to You.

Your silent glories speak volumes.



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“He kept me”

Today I heard someone use this phrase in relation to God during an extremely difficult circumstance they walked through… “He kept me”.

It made me reflect on my walk with Christ last year. He kept me.

I never realised how much it was God’s faithful sovereign hand that holds me, until I had lost my grip on Him.

I never realised how much this faith is a gift of His grace and therefore sustained by Him, until “my” faith was weak and fragile.

I never realised how much He keeps me following Jesus, until I saw how much my heart was inclined to wonder.

I never realised how much Christ was the rock beneath my feet, until all the familiar infrastructure had crumbled.

I never realised just how much God’s children are kept safe in the palm of His hand, until I realised I did nothing to get myself there.

For what He lovingly chooses, He does not let go.

Thank you gracious Father for your strength and power.

Keep me in You always.


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