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Something changes when I look through the cross. When I don’t, circumstances can be overwhelming. Forgiveness is just too hard. I reach the end of my self and my efforts. When the end of me is reached, I realise that my focus was out. I realise that I was never meant to be striving with futile efforts. Adjusting my heart to see through the cross, I find His grace. His grace that strengthens and enables. Suddenly, the action I was trying to engage in, is less about that action and more about honouring Christ. Is less about meeting standards and more about remembering the Cross upon which He suffered and died. Motivation shifts as my hearts shifts. The forgiveness I was trying so hard to solidify, becomes a burden that He has already carried…He suffered to forgive me for my iniquity so I can forgive others.

I can only forgive seeing through the cross.

I can only love others seeing through the cross.

I can only obey Him seeing through the cross.

It wasn’t just an event in history. It is the complete revelation of the heart of God…His love and justice…embodied in His Son…fulfilled in the cross.

Help me Lord, to be forever seeing through the cross. Living for You. Obeying You with the grace and strength that You provide…without which I would just fail with the best of my efforts. May my heart and mind know ever more deeply that You are worthy.

Lord and King.


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