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Sovereign and Good

God is in control of all things. And He is good. Two pearls of truth that often with our finite minds we think are incongruent. Bad things happen, but God is in control of it all and He is good. I struggled with this for a while. Whilst trusting God, a seed of distrust was growing in my heart that I tried to keep hidden. Distrust quickly turns to fear which tries to engulf the steadfast faith in Christ we are called to. 

People do strange things. Their actions at face value are often confusing. But if you know them well, and know their character, you can appreciate more why they acted in a certain way. Now God is holy and perfect, so His wisdom and thoughts are far above ours. But the same applies when it comes to trusting in God’s actions. You have to trust in Him first. It’s easy to get caught up in the action and event but all through His word, what takes place does so to reveal to us more of God’s heart and character. Who He is. 

Slowly through this year God has gently brought my heart to trust in Him more. Why certain things happen,we often don’t know. But knowing the God behind all things and knowing He is good and is working His purposes through, is where our trust and steadfastness must lie. When you seek to know Him and His heart for His people, it becomes ok to not have to understand why everything happens the way it does. 

Psalm 112:7- They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD.

Knowing that He has given us Jesus is enough. He is enough. 

Heavenly Father, turn my heart inside out and hide it in Christ. May the value I attribute to Him outweigh every fear. Help me to find peace in unanswered questions knowing that I can know You and trust in You.

Help me be satisfied in the gift of Your Son you have given. For in giving Jesus, You gave us Yourself. 

And You are Sovereign and Good.


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Lessons from Gideon

The story of Gideon is fascinating. I love how God reduces the size of Gideon’s army until it is at a number that by human standards is weak and easily defeated. He did this so that His people would know that it is Him alone that delivered them and brought about victory. Yet the people still attribute their success to Gideon, not to the Lord their God. At first, it’s easy to be frustrated with the people…can’t you see all God did?! It’s obvious! You would not have survived had He not brought about this victory! But then I think about my own life. How quick I am to ask for God’s help, see Him at work and strengthening me, then think it was my own doing. When in reality, I know I would not have kept standing if it weren’t for Him.

Another thing that a wise friend pointed out, was that when Gideon asked questions to God out of fear, God didn’t directly answer him but said “I will be with you”. Often God may not answer our questions but wants us to know that He is with us. Instead of giving us an answer, He gives us Himself. And He is all we need.

God wasn’t just interested in the battle’s victory, He was more concerned about His people turning back to Him with their whole hearts. But they didn’t. They just rejoiced in the victory. It’s painful to watch. But again, I reflect on my own life. So often I desire more the things I am asking God for, than God Himself. My heart is captivated more by things in this world more than our Saviour.

Lord, please help my contentment, joy and heart’s desire to be to know you more each day and to love Jesus more fully.

With every part of me. Afterall, you desire your children to “love You with all their heart, soul, mind and strength”

Sorry for my pride in my self-dependency and self-suffiency. Help me to be dependent upon You in everything and sufficient in Christ alone.

Captivated by You.

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It is fascinating how automatic some functions of the human body are. Like walking.

I don’t think about walking, I just walk. If I’m going for a walk, it doesn’t matter how I feel, what thoughts are going through my head, my legs just keep moving forward. Following Jesus is like that. You just keep going. One step at a time you keep moving.

Sometimes with tears…but you keep walking.

Sometimes with gritted teeth…but you keep walking.

Sometimes with joy…still walking.

Sometimes with great zeal…still walking.

Sometimes spiritually dry…still walking.

Sometimes with fear…still walking.

Sometimes full of doubt…still walking.

And sometimes full of faith…still walking.


Towards Him who strengthens you to keep placing one foot in front of the other.

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