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Still under His hand

My dog is scared of thunder. Last night there was a storm so I went down and sat with him. Normally he would cry, whimper, run and try to hide somewhere. But with me there patting him, he just stood there as if nothing was happening despite the loud rolls of thunder.

I want to be like this with God. Knowing that my Father in heaven will never leave me nor forsake me, that He cares and loves and provides, means I can stand and not be afraid. Because His hand is upon me I shall not be moved or shaken. I still have to remind myself of this though. Even knowing He is there, I tend to still whimper, run and hide.

But what I must learn is this…

To be still under His hand.  To trust in the One who is ever present.

No, I will not be moved by the thunder. I may shake a little, but I will stand.


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