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Behold Him again

I unravelled. Became unstuck. I looked ahead at life and wanted to run and hide but knew not what to run to or hide in. But I unravelled in Your mighty hand. I became unstuck whilst standing on a rock. You remained strong whilst I crumbled. I was on my face but after slowly standing to my knees, Your grace brought me to my feet. I still have a tendency to shy my face away…to be frightened. But You are my Father. My heart behold Jesus. Do you see Him? Look! He closes the mouths of all who speak arrogantly. He lifts the head of those who tremble at the edge of His cloak.

You helped me see beauty in life again Lord. All at the provision of Your merciful, loving hand. I am afraid that my security and joy will attach itself to the things You give more than to You. But I truly want You God. I want to desire You and delight in You. For I know this is the purpose for which we were made. And this was made possible by the willing sacrifice You made in Jesus. His resolve to endure the cross was so that we could know for certain who You are and Your relation to us. His resurrection beamed a glorious light of truth onto the world.

Weave into union my heart, body and mind Lord. Align myself with You for I have a tendency to be fragmented. I’m my biggest obstacle between me and You, Creator and God. I’m stained and broken and You are holy. Bring me near to You clothed in Christ. May I delight in You once again.

May I hold the hand that has proved faithful and worship the One who is God. May I know Your heart as I bathe in Your words. For they are Your words. May the Spirit of Christ increase in me and may I decrease. I’ve had enough of me Lord. I want more of Jesus.


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“The Lord”

I was recently pondering the phrase “the Lord”. Sometimes its one of those phrases that gets thrown around in Christian circles such that it comes across as a string of letters, commonplace terminology that lacks deep conviction, love and relationship. Or at least that’s how it seemed. It was beginning to make me cringe on the inside but I wasn’t quite sure why.

A growing awareness of the weight of this title, has been growing in my head and I pray will seep deep into my heart . To say HE is the LORD, is not to say this is my personal truth: He is my personal Lord, which whilst true, doesn’t capture the grand scale of this title. To say He is Lord, is to say He is Lord!!!

It is to say He is the centre of all creation. The beginning and the end. The reason for all existence. The Lord of Lords. The Way, Truth and Life. The ONLY way to the Father.

To say He is Lord, is to humbly submit to His authority and to be His servant.

But it is more than this. The complexity of understanding this statement grows. In earthly terms, a lord seems to be a cold, one sided relationship. But not with The Lord. Not with Jesus. To submit to Him as Lord of all is to be scooped up in arms of love and compassion. To know Him as Lord is to be called His brother and call God your Father. To submit to Him as Lord is to come to terms with the knowledge that He died for you. That He fought death for you. And won. That He perfectly satisfied the Father for you. That He defeated our instinct to run from God by giving us a new heart to love and serve God.

It is not a statement that should be self righteously declared to elevate one’s sense of worthiness. It is not merely Christian lingo that causes the lay person to feel uncomfortable. It is a declaration that the Spirit of Jesus Himself cries out in us when we see Him. It should be said with deep affection and adoration. It should move us to the core of our being. It should make our heart cling ever more tightly to the One who holds us. To the Good Shepherd who knows His sheep, who goes after the one lost sheep. Who knows each one by name and who stands before the Father interceding for us and fighting for us. To call Him Lord is to make decisions that please Him. It is to seek His guidance, love Him with all your heart and love others that they might come to kneel at the feet of Jesus, and say like a once doubting Thomas, “my Lord and my God”.

Next time I hear someone say “the Lord”, I pray that my heart would leap with joy at the sound of His name. Next time I hear that phrase, it won’t just be a phrase. It would be the sound of truth as it quenches a thirsty soul.

“My Lord and my God”.



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Matthew 12…

The religious leaders asked Jesus for a miraculous sign from heaven. They were ever looking but never seeing. History had waited expectantly for the King that was promised. They were blind to the greatness of the one standing right before them.

Jesus is God’s complete and climactic miraculous sign from Himself and of Himself.

Who Jesus is and what He did is the greatest truth and revelation of God.

Lord when my heart longs for a sign that you are real and near, may my heart’s eyes behold Him who stands before me: Jesus.

May I desire Him and His glory and His kingdom to be built.

Help me to be assured of your presence and truth. Please guide me Lord, in Your plans and will for my life. May Your wisdom and peace direct my steps.

In adoration and humility, however feeble and inconsistent,

Your Child, through the cross.

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