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Colossians 1:15 & 19- “He (Christ) is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation……For God was pleased to have all His fullnes dwell in Him”

Without Jesus, God doesn’t make sense. Without Jesus, God becomes an abstract concept that changes depending on decade,culture and trends. What kind of a God is a God that changes? One that isn’t constant in Himself? The kind that people invent. God hasn’t left us in the dark about who He is. His character and His nature. The world has seen Him in the flesh. In Jesus. The revelation of God to a broken and searching world. Lose sight of Jesus and you’re in danger of doing what the Israelites did back in the day…creating for themselves a golden calf. “God” in today’s culture is whoever you want Him to be. We have belittled Him to fit into our cultural trends which are as fickle as changes in fashion. But there He remains, unphased by it all and the same “yesterday, today and forever”.

The world needs Jesus.

I need Jesus. Everyday.


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There He stands

Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, gracious in the love you poured out in Christ,

May I trust you more and more with my life. May I not cling preciously to it but lay it down for You. May my fears be stilled as I gaze upon the beauty and glory of Christ. I’ve become familiar with short glances and momentary stillness before worry engulfs the worship and trust of which You are worthy.

May your Spirit hold my gaze firm. Resolutely set on the one who gave His life. On the one who is Lord and King who has all authority and who defeated death.¬† The revealation of God in the One who He promised. The One who reconciled us and made us righteous, the One who pleased the Father and so the One who justifies all those who believe in Him and call on His name. Welcomed by God by receiving the King who He sent. Receiving Him with a faith that is given by His Spirit…opening eyes to who He is.

When I doubt, I think of Jesus, when I fear, I take His hand, when confused I remember His authority. Protect my heart Lord. For it has a tendancy to wonder. Still my mind with Your peace that surpasses understanding.

How patient You are with Your children.

Dependent  on Your grace for each moment.

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