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motivation is Christ

How easy it is for a motive to be in disguise. You could engage in the same activity with¬† competely different motivations. Noone can see your heart. So many people we may fool. Motivated by man’s approval, motivated by being seen as a “good Christian”, motivated by having a good reputation.

I don’t want to engage in the act of forgiveness because it makes me look like a ‘nice’ person…I want to truly forgive in my heart. I don’t want to show kindness because it makes me look like a good Christian, I want my heart to be filled with the compassion of Christ for His people. I don’t want to serve because others will have a good opinion of me, I want to serve because my heart has been broken, humbled and transformed by a King who bought me with His life.

May God’s word and His Spirit show us what is in our hearts. For noone else can see..only Him who sees all.

God may you search the depths of my heart and find that my motivation is to be like Jesus. Where it is not, show me and help me to change.


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Loosening the grip

Silly me. I must have forgotten that God answers prayer. Whether it is a no, a yes, or no response…each of them is still an answer.

A while ago I had prayed that I would truly be able to say “to live is Christ to die is gain”.¬† Weakening the grip on the things of this world and looking forward to our real home and to dwelling with God Himself. I did not expect that this loosening grip would have created so much anxiety. Goes to show how much we really have our security anchored in things that are perishable. Holding tightly onto wordly things for so long, God slowly is wedging my fingers to grasp hold of an eternal perspective. In the process, I became anxious as the familiar was no longer there to be held.

Learning to be anchored in the hope of Christ returning and being ready to stand before Him. That is what we should lay hold of.

How differently we would live….with more boldness, more love, more urgency, more security.

And most of all…unshakeable peace.


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When a building starts to crack, you know the foundations are being shaken. Something in them is contributing to the building’s weakness. When the foundations are being shaken, you look to the One who is at work. Sifting. Purifying. Faith being perfected.

Foundations are being tested, it feels like you’re falling, like the structures you thought were so firmly in place can no longer hold. It is then that you realise how faulty some of them were. Thankful that the Great Designer has been chipping away at these pillars of self centrednes.

Being broken down to be built back up. Grace. Brick by brick built on His Word, weeding out that which was causing the building to rot.

Your Word is refreshing water to one who thirsts Lord. It is a sweet fragrance, satisfying food, a light that pierces darkness.

Jesus Christ…the only One in whom true life is found.


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