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There is a King who is  building His kingdom,

A people who trust in Him,

Every detail from the final patchwork,

To each individual thread and colour.

From the beginning of time,

He taught His people,

To be completely dependant on Him,

For He knew where He was taking them,

The way to their freedom,

And from where they had been.

Yet how easy it is,

Despite having seen His Sovereign hand at work,

To attempt to take control into our own “capable” hands.

To try figure it all out.

Worry always drives one to remember that we weren’t designed to have control.

To have Him as Lord is to acknowledge His Lordship.

To acknowledge His Lordship is to remember that He designed us to exist in His Will.

To exist in His will is to acknowledge that He purposes and plans how it will unfold.

Thank you for teaching me Lord Jesus, Saviour, to trust in You.

Thank you for reminding me that provision and guidance comes from You alone.

Only when I realise this can I truly worship You as King.

Exodus 15:13 “In Your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In Your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling.”


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Undeserved love

The nature of God’s love is such that it is undeserving. Despite knowing this, it is easy to feel worthy of His love when you feel good about yourself. Human nature in its pride, attributes God’s love to a person’s positive qualities. It’s easy to feel loved by God when you’re living well, sacrificing much…being ‘good’. Little do we realise that the height of human morality and achievement cannot earn His love.

It is a free gift to us that cost Him His life.

The love of God for His children is never more overwhelming than when you know you’re undeserving. When you’re aware of your failings, weakness and lack. Why do we find this hard to believe? I mean really believe?

I think its because we don’t fully grasp how much we fall short even when we are living good by our own standards. We are cultured to believe that effort = results and we have this mindset toward God.

But because of the cross, His love toward us doesn’t change. Ever.

This is why the “ultimate rest is to believe the gospel”.

Nothing I do could earn His love and nothing I do would cause Him to withdraw it. Such is grace.

What is the response this draws out in us? Repentence and submission. For He loved us while we were still sinners.

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