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Note to self…there is a problem.

The problem? The self. The world says that the answers to all mental health problems such as anxiety, worry, depression, lonliness, discontent is to increase in oneĀ  of the ‘self’ qualities mentioned above. A lack in them creates all sorts of issues.

I disagree. I think our preoccupation with ourselves is the cause of all our problems. In fact, God sent Jesus Christ His son, to save us from ourselves and from the punishment that we ourselves deserved for our self-centred living and continual rejection of God.

The more todays society has become ‘individualistic’ and self-focussed, the more problems we all have. Mental health issues have never been higher.

The answer? The only way? The truth? Real life? His name is Jesus. What He did on the cross is the loudest message of all that we are inadeqaute in ourselves. We aren’t good enough. And He went to great lengths to show us. He died. To set us free from our hard hearts towards Him so we could be reconciled to the God who created us.

The greatest joy I experienced was in the realisation of my own inadequacy. This is when the truth of the cross changed by life. His pursuing love found me when I was living selfishly. His grace holds me firm even though I am a sinner.

If we’re made in the image of God, we’re not meant to gaze at ourselves to try and be happy and content. We’re made to set our eyes on Jesus who makes us into God’s children by faith in His redeeming work on the cross.

The more we know Him, the greater our joy. Yet even many people who follow Jesus struggle with low self esteem low self confidence low self image. But that’s not the problem. The problem occurs when we don’t look to Jesus..to who He is. We keep trying to discover ourselves instead.

The irony is, that true joy, contentment, identity and security comes from knowing God and abandoning self.

If you’ve ever noticed people ‘in love’ it is like they are in a blissful state and couldn’t be happier! This is because they are so wrapped up in the other person…their attributes, what they love about them etc etc.

It is like this with God. The more we come to know who He is, His character, His love, His plans, His grace…we find true joy and contentment. Not because we seek joy. Because we seek Him. I don’t want good self esteem or self confidence. I want to know the truth… I want to know God. And He revealed Himself by sending His Son to personify all He is. And the bible, His Word, is the richest source of knowing His heart.

Matthew 10:39- “Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it”.

Jesus help me to look more to you and less to myself. Sorry for being so caught up in maintaining my own security and comfort. Thank you for setting me free.


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