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this truth

Sometimes I don’t know how to respond to a truth so great. It’s beauty and sweetness often finds me in complete awe. It brings me to tears. It brings me to love God with a love that only the truth can bring. It overwhelms me.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in His death absorbed God’s anger towards our sin so we could come to God as His child rather than one awaiting trial for a punishment we deserved. He clothed us in all He is so we could be loved by God with the love that He loves His very own son. He died and rose from the dead by the power God so we could live a life free from the bondage and slavery of sin. In Him is all joy, strength and contentment. All because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

So lost I would be without Him. Every good thing is a gift I didn’t deserve and every bad thing is a reminder that all I need is in my restored relationship with my Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ you have set me free and I love you.

Help me to share this truth. Our culture is afraid of truth. Yet if they pursue it, they will find themselves staring at the face of Christ.  They will  find that there is a love that pursues those who will be God’s children even before they knew Him. Even while they were caught up in a life that was empty and self-centred.

The truth is embedded in love and love is embedded in truth. And both are found in the person of Jesus Christ.


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If all your activity does not have Christ at the centre, then what worth is it? If the gospel is not the centre of your ministry, then what are you ministering? You could become more outwardly passionate, do more  and more, yet it is just a clanging cymbal and a frenzy of emotion. Where is its grounding and sustenance? It must be in the gospel.

There is a great boldness in humility and a great strength in weakness. This is the beauty of the cross…

It is not something we climb upon to reach greater heights, it is not something we stand on to make ourselves taller, it is not something we drag behind because we’ve moved on to other truths…it is something we carry.

It makes us stoop lower in humility than we can in our own flesh. It makes us realise that we need another’s strength to carry it and another’s life to live it. It is our daily mission and focus lest in all our church activity we accidently let go of the cross.

His yoke is easy and His burden is light because He carried it for us…he died the death that we were meant to die so we could live the life He lives. In relationship with the Father.

May the glory of the cross be forever increasing in our hearts til  the day we see its fulfilment in Christ’s return for the salvation of all those who call on Him.

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