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Look to Jesus…

Think less, my dear friend and look to Jesus. Be sure of nothing, but be sure of Jesus. Come up to the surface of your thoughts, and look to Jesus. Don’t try to figure it all out, look to Jesus. You contemplate a maze of possibilities, look to Jesus. You place yourself on the operating table with you as your doctor, look to Jesus. You rehearse an intimidating to-do list, look to Jesus. You place pressure on yourself to live up to expectation, look to Jesus. You carry decisions and responsibilities on your shoulders, look to Jesus. You do many things well, but above them all…look unto Jesus.


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judge and saviour

Judge and Saviour. A perfect, what seems, juxtaposition. Yet this is Jesus Christ. One evokes fear and authority and the other trust and hope. The righteousness of God is grounded in love and His love is grounded in righteousness.

He exposes and will expose the inner motives of the heart, yet He is our fortress and hiding place. He is the one who will judge us according to our works yet prepares them in advance for us to do and empowers us by His Spirit to do them.

The wonders of You Lord…

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Faith in Your adequacy. faith in Your righteousness. faith in Your completeness. faith in Your suffiency. Help me to reflect You. ..to be an image of You in this world…help me to be different on purpose with boldness and with the truth on my tongue.

From what great depths You saved me and to what immense blessing You bring. Let me always remember how You brought me to yourself.

Defined only by that fact that I am Your child. Defined by the knowledge that You call, destine, guide sustain and protect. Your love is all encompassing and Your promises are a rock. Your words are an extension of You…they illuminate Your character and Your truth. The essence of You is revealed in Your relationship with Your people.

Let this never cease to drive me to serve You with nothing less than my life.

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I was about to sit down and put my head in my hands, when I heard your voice instantly… “Don’t look down, look to Me.”

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