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A matter of glory

“I wish I prayed more”. Hmmmm. Ponder.

When you truly desire to glorify God with your decisions, to glorify Him with your words, to  glorify Him with your actions, your time, your possessions, your emotions, your thoughts, your friendships…every area of your life! you simply cannot not be praying! A yearning to bring God glory in every sphere uncovers a constant NEED to be in communion with the Father. Complete and utter dependence on Christ and the work of His Spirit to give us the grace to honour Him with our lives.

A desire to pray and a desire to glorify God come hand in hand. I do not have it  in me to bring God glory with everything I am. I cannot do so without prayer.


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Just obey

I found myself in a bit of a pickle. An ugly attitude that I recognised and wanted gone but it wouldn’t leave. I began to ask God,  “What should I do?” Before I finished asking the question, I knew His gentle but firm reply, “Just obey.”

I was waiting for my feelings to catch up with His command. I knew what I had to do but didn’t ‘feel’ it so was struggling to remove this condition in my heart.

But you see, we have to obey God just because. Just because He says so. Just because He is God and is worthy to be feared.

Just obey. Feelings must take the back seat. They are useful for showing us the condition of our heart but then they have to obey.

Forgive. Because God asked.

Submit. Because God asked.

Serve. Because God asked.

“Just Obey”

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He is

All you reveal to us in Your Word Lord is to be absorbed by us in light of your character. You are good. You are sovereign. I must obey you like a child. You say, “be anxious for nothing”. If You are God and in  control, You know there is actually nothing to be anxious about! That’s why you say it.

It’s time Your children start resting in Your character. All things work together for good for those who love You and whom You have called. Why do we fret? Why do we worry and moan and complain about the affairs of this life?

For we know You are sovereign and we know you are good.

We are like Your chess pieces and You move us where You please.

Trust in the character of God is a beautiful thing.

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