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A prayer for humility

By Helen Steiner Rice

“Take me and break me and make me dear God,

Just what you want me to be,

Give me the strength to accept what You send,

And eyes with the vision to see

All  the small arrogant ways that I have,

And the vain little things that I do.

Make me aware that I’m often concerned

More with myself than with You,

Uncover before me my weakness and greed,

And help me search deep inside

So I may discover how easy it is

To be selfishly lost in my pride,

And then in Thy goodenss and mercy

Look down on this weak, erring one

And tell me that I am forgiven

For all I’ve so wilfully done,

And teach me to humbly start following

The path that the dear Saviour trod

So I’ll find at the end of life’s journey

A home in the  city of God.




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CS Lewis- “If you read history you will find that the Christians who did the most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this”


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Out there on my own, ‘leading’, making decisions, being an ‘example’. But wait. Where is Christ? How mistaken I was. For I am called only to follow Him. Not to lead but to follow. To  serve Christ is to follow Him. Not to create a new path but to follow in His worn, unchanging, faithful footsteps. Not to master or to lord but to submit, serve and follow. My heart aligns behind You, the only place I am safe. Behind you I follow, secure not in leadership but in serving you.

God I don’t move unless you move me. I don’t step unless you guide my feet. I don’t jump to make a decision or make plans unless You speak. Jesus did nothing apart from the Father, so neither can or  will I. I stand behind Christ, abiding in Him, protected by Him, obedient to Him. Lord, may wisdom and understanding guard my heart and mind and speech, by your grace, for your glory.

This life is not a personal thing anymore. We are members of a unified body. Our personal life was crucified and put to death with Jesus on the cross. We will be raised up with Him when He returns in glory. Our life is not for now. This life is His.

God’s sovereign control has never more been my greatest source of comfort and peace.

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