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simplicity and time

Its early morning…sitting on the verandah drinking tea. The street is still and sleeping but the sun is awake.  Slowly the birds begin to sing as they look for breakfast. A minor bird chasing a kookaburra and another chasing a cicada. The trees just doing their thing by ‘being’. So beautiful in its simplicity. How did we people get so busy? Not just busy but busy with the wrong kind of things. Busy with things that don’t count for eternity? Busy with things that stress us out and make us tired so by the time we come to the important things we have no energy left?  Even when we aren’t doing anything, our minds are busy…again with thoughts that centre around us and the complex spider webs of our life. So when we are doing the important things our minds are off in the land of the trivial.

We waste time by wishing we had more time to do all the things that steal time. Jesus help me to honour you with my time, delight in you with my time, and share you with others in my time. Help me to push back the urgent demands to make way for the important ones…the things you would be doing if you were living in me… oh wait…You are.


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empty vessel

2 Timothy 2:21-22 “Cleanse yourself to be a vessel of honour, sanctified and useful for the mastor, prepared for every good work. Flee youthful lusts, but pursue righteousness, faith, love, & peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure hear”

We make ourselves useful for Him. We shouldn’t parade around as if it’s our doing. We are empty vessels that God might do His work through us.  That we might be vessels that bring Him glory.

Jesus did nothing apart from the Father.

Forever rejoicing as an empty vessel. We need to remain empty. Often we wait to be filled up. But we’re designed to be empty as He is full. We’re are empty for His purposes and glory.

Paul said he was being poured out like a drink offering. How can an empty vessel be poured out? Because it is ‘no longer I’- Christ abides in us now. We are forever empty but full of all He is.

Don’t seek to be filled. Seek to be empty.

“Whoever loves his life will lose it, whoever loses his life will gain it”

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What the world offers before me on a platter is becoming less and less important or desirable in light of your word and your glory. All its false embellishments and enticing beauty fade into the background in light of your purposes.

But in the dark, when the light is dim, they ensnare my heartbeat. Torn between being in the world but not of it.

The importance of remaining in Your word, being on guard and abiding in You is becoming ever more evident.

In this place of intimacy I rejoice in You. I face life boldly with your gospel on my tongue. This is where I want to stay.

Walking in step with Your Spirit.

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If we were to spend a day together, I might fall for you.

If we lay under the sky as it enveloped us in time as we talked.

If your arm lay so close to mine I could just feel your skin touching mine.

If in your hug I felt safety and warmth….I’d fall for you.

For your affection and closeness.

But would you bring me closer to  Christ? Would you lead me, exhort me and establish me in His Word? Would I run further with you and serve more effectively?

These are the important questions. Feelings are just feelings. They need to be tested with the truth.


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potters wheel

I am clay on the potter’s wheel. I panic when I see a crack but He tells me that’s what He died for. The power of His death and resurrection is what turns the potter’s wheel…Is what gives His hands authority and grace as He works. There is forgiveness in failings but hope for change. A promise of reforming. His Spirit is the water that keeps the clay soft and mouldable.

I am forever a working progress in Your hands. Humble me Lord. I submit to You.

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Walking along the tiny grains of sand so numerous that they hold the vast mass of ocean. Your early morning sun shines on the water making it evanescent waves of light blue silk.

In awe of your beauty and grace in all you have given us to reflect you.

Nearing the sun, entering in, an ever increasing awareness of something not right…a hardness of heart.

In your grace and mercy you make me aware of the condition of my heart. Set apart not only for salvation but for sanctification. You show me offense, unforgiveness and a lack of submission. Pride underlying all.

Tears. Forgive me Lord. Joy- knowing you are at work. Help me to submit and to love with brotherly kindness and compassion.

Forever yoked to you only, always…

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