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“O, do not pray for easy lives. Pray  to be stronger men! Do not pray for tasks equal to you powers. Pray for powers equal to your tasks! Then, the doing of your work shall be no miracle. But you shall be a miracle. Every day you shall wonder at yourself, at the richness of life which has come to you by the grace of God.”                          – Phillips Brooks


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our reward

Pondering a thought that I need to understand deeper…

All our reward, merit, blessing is in Christ. Upon hearing that, many are disappointed as they are in a state of expectancy, waiting for God to reward their faithfulness and sacrifice. But it is because we often spend more time believing God for ‘things’ than we do going deeper into the reward that we have in Christ…so we miss it.

We think we gave up everything for God so now He will bless us. But no. He might choose to in His grace but he doesn’t need to. He gave up everything for us and from that place our response is laying down our life…

Out of gratitude, not expectancy for blessing. Because He gave us the reward before we layed down anything.

The extent and magnitude of what we have been given in Christ is more than we could repay and more than we will truly understand.

My soul sings.

Take me deeper into the riches of your love. The mystery of grace.

If He chooses to, out of His grace, to give me things I desire, it is not a reward for me “waiting”. Isn’t because of me but it is only in Christ. Because of Him. It is not something I deserve because Jesus is my only merit. If I had any merit of my own before God, then Jesus wouldn’t have needed to come.

And if He decides not to give me something, it is also in Jesus.  Whatever the situation or outcome or season, what is truth remains…

That Jesus is my only merit and I didn’t do a thing to earn it.

He took my punishment on Himself.

He took my incurable disease, sin, on Himself.

He grabbed me from the grip of death and pulled me into life.

A life in Him.

There are pearls to discover. More of His character. His will. His Word. His plan. The riches in all He is that I barely know.

“Jesus Christ”…”Saviour and Anointed One”.

A life of abundance is in You and it has nothing to do with wordly blessing.

And it cannot be taken away.

For all eternity.

Lost in You.

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