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just a sentence

It is the work of God’s grace and a beautiful comfort knowing that the almighty God is in control of our lives working all things into His will and for His glory.


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What is our response to beauty?

To admire it from afar?

To turn your head to resist distraction?

Or to ask for it? To want it?

There is a scene. The props are in position. The backdrop and the set.

My mind trialling different characters seeing which one fits best.

But I am not the director of this.

Often I supress the things I desire, telling myself that all is found in Christ.

And it truly is. Like I said, it’s me who needs to change, not the scenery.

God is the director. He has chosen the parts. I need to simply read the script that is in front of me right now. In the present.

Open my eyes to see Lord.

I hear you asking if I trust you?

I forgot to trust.

I will trust and my body will align.

The Spirit is willing but my flesh is weak.

Do I trust you? Answer: I must.

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Restless. Wanting something to change. A bit dead in routine. Eyes wondering and mind following.

I wish I could open tomorrow’s door and take a peak.

I wonder what is in store.

But wait.

Thought: it is I who needs to change. To stop doing the

same old thing and start living for Christ. With passion.

Take your eyes away from that handle and be alert.

The change needs to happen in me. By His grace and Spirit…not a change in my circumstance.

Ugliness surfaces in my heart. Spirit make me clean by His blood.

I want to run with you.

Help me.

Not looking or searching. Eyes fixed on Jesus.

Hand to the plough.

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