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Joy is different to happy. I can be sad and have joy.

I can be hurting and have joy.

Joy is deeper than circumstance.

Joy is contentment when ‘stuff’ is dark and messy.

Joy comes from trust.

Joy is a state of the heart.

Joy is found only in Christ…in the knowledge that He has ALREADY met our greatest need.

Joy is in one person. What a blessing that we can have joy when everything says we shouldn’t.

All because of what He did at the cross.

Thank you.


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Everything around us says to grow up. Be organised. Have it all together. Prioritise. Be strong. Be successful in all you  do. Back up your opinions with factual evidence. Don’t cry. Yet we are called to come to Him as a child. I’d forgotten my child-like faith. Stressed and overwhelmed, I hear the line in a song, “believe like a little child again”. There is an element of messiness in being a child. There is dependancy. There is incompetency and weakness…a sense of vulnerability. You are relying on someone else to protect you. To be strong. To help you.  God, I come to you as a child again in NEED of strength. In this is joy as I know the one in whom I place my trust and faith has clothed me in righteousness. None of my confidence should be in myself anyway.

I will giggle like a child again. Come to you as a child again. Complete and utter dependancy. I cannot walk one step without you and I won’t try and kid myself into thinking that I  can. For they are the moments I fall over.

Yes…I’ll believe like a little child again…

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Walking with You

Like a quiet beach before sunrise, Before people scurry their way.

Like a blank calender before its planned a day,

Like a clear night sky, unmasked by all the clouds.

This is how I will walk with You Lord. This is how I will obey…

Living amongst busy people. But still. Living in a weekly schedule. But completely free.

Living in so much awe that my gaze is fixed…

So I will walk with You.

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